Emulation and development of sound arts

Active in research and artistic, sound and musical creation, Konnekt promotes the emulation and development of sound arts as well as the bringing together of multiple cultural players.

Konnekt favors a global approach to sound creation through various practices. In a desire for innovation and hybridization, Konnekt adopts the role of pivot, of connector between different cultural actors through its projects.

  • Contemporary music in line with its time and current societal concerns.
  • The search for openness, decompartmentalization and innovation at the musical, compositional and technical level.
  • A taste for research, emerging, experimental, improvised, composed or conceptual music.
  • A taste for extended techniques, augmented / hybrid instruments, alternative composition strategies.
  • An interest in an interdisciplinary use of sound creation.
  • A hybridization of styles to develop sound creation.
  • The highlighting of strong artistic personalities and innovative creators.
  • A desire to ally an informed and accustomed public with a new public, yet to be discovered.
  • An awareness of the need for living together, for exchange and for sustainability which must be read in all the actions of the association.

The members of the association offer expertise in creation and artistic direction as well as know-how in production, dissemination, technique and logistics. The association carries out its activities in French-speaking Switzerland as well as nationally as well as abroad.

The members of Konnekt have been present on the contemporary Swiss artistic scene for more than ten years with achievements in various forms, as well as projects and collaborations on five continents.


Team 2022

Nicolas Field & Thomas Florin - co-artistic direction
Sebastien Favez - president

Artists 2022

Chris Pitsiokos (USA), Brandon Lopez (USA), Pierrick Drochmans (BE), Jeff Carey (USA), Gerriet K. Sharma (DE), Jasper Stadhouders (NL), Dirar Kalash (PS), Grundik Kasyansky (RU), Tom Wheatley (UK), Tim Shaw (UK), Tizia Zimmermann (CH), NuR (CH), Sonia P (CH), Vincent Haenni (CH), Stephane "Povitch" Augsburger (CH), Tom Brunt (CH), Silvan Schmid (CH), Alex Riva (CH), Thomas Florin (CH), Nicolas Field (CH)