Active in research and artistic, sound and musical creation, Konnekt promotes the emulation and development of sound arts as well as the bringing together of multiple cultural players.




Konnekt's Summer

Konnekt will be active during the summer, experimenting and presenting some of it's ongoing projects, stay tuned !

Switzerland and United Kingdom

Re-Ghoster tour with Nate Wooley & Fritz Welch

Re–Ghoster is a thrilling trio comprised of pianist Thomas Florin, drummer Nicolas Field and the fascinating Revox monster Valerio Tricoli. The acoustic instruments are fed to tape, magnetised, digested, re-eaten, reworked and regurgitated again by the machine.
The result are ghostly bursts & roars emerging from nothingness. Roaring stridences, shrieks chirps & shrills explode all in tension with each other.
For the release tour of the new record "Or not all”, Re–Ghoster invites trumpeter Nate Wooley (USA) for a quest - as mystical as it is turbulent - into the depths of sound. This is a re-listening of the acoustic sounds, partly sieved by the electronics in a hybrid spatial continuum. A frictional, nervous symbiosis, full of jolts, but also abrasive and/or restrained fluidity. A very exciting interaction at all times, looking towards possible futures filled with low masses, giving birth to dense sonic textures shifting and/or overplayed in a ghostly union.

Line up :
Nate Wooley (trumpet)
Fritz Welch (voice & percussions)
Valerio Tricoli (Revox tape recorder & electronics)
Nicolas Field (drums & electronics)
Thomas Florin (piano)

Definitive dates to be announced

Partners and sponsors

With support of UBS Culture Foundation