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20th June 2024 19:00, MEG, Geneva

Matmos at the MEG

After organising an anthological concert in Geneva in spring 2023, Konnekt is proud to bring Matmos back - in collaboration with MEG - for a unique event.
The Matmos duo will be offering a musical moment of their own by exploring the MEG's sound archives, giving them an irreverently elegant new existence for one evening.

Matmos is a legendary duo of iconic electronic and experimental music pioneered in the late 90s, brings together M. C. (Martin) Schmidt and Drew Daniel. Their music quickly gained a cult following, combining musique concrète, electronic dance music and glitch aesthetics. The duo's universe is extremely playful, distinguished by the use of unusual 'samples' in their productions (going so far as to use the sounds of liposuction and even washing machines). In 2023, Matmos embarked on a new adventure in sound and history, scouring the archives of Folkways Records to produce the incredible album 'Return To Archive'.

Moses Asch founded Folkways Records in 1948 with the mission of recording the sounds of the world, documented on hundreds of vinyl records produced by field recordists, scientists and experimenters probing the margins of the human soundscape. Coming full circle 75 years later, Matmos has cut, looped, stretched and recontextualised these recordings on his new album, which has been assembled entirely from the so-called non-musical sounds published on Folkways.

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