Creating and exploring within the sonic, artistic and musical realm, Konnekt promotes the emulation and development of sound arts as well as the bringing together of multiple cultural players.




25.09.2020 @ 8pm

Thomas Florin — In between

In the continuity of his first album, Thomas Florin continues his exploration of the “solo piano” configuration, seeking connections between sound experimentation and free or framed improvisation, offering a music that oscillates between repetitive minimalism, free jazz and drone.

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Konnekt Release #2 out very soon - Re-Ghoster

Konnekt is proudly releasing Re-Ghoster's first album, coming out very soon !
Valerio Tricoli (tape recorder)
Nicolas Field (drums, electronics)
Thomas Florin (piano)

31.08.2020 @ 6:30pm

Francisco Meirino & Nicolas Field - Konnekt "Two's"

Last concert of the Re|Sound Two's duet series responding to Pro-Helvetia's post Covid call for projects. Francisco Meirino and Nicolas Field explore - based on an old analog metronome - the tension between programmable hardware and its potential for failure.

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