Too Cold
Buttercup Metal Polish

Sorti en décembre 2021
Alexandre Babel (batterie et percussions)
Nicolas Field (batterie et percussions)

À travers cette intense duo enregistré à Tokyo, le duo de percussions rend un vibrant hommage au regretté Sean Baxter, batteur central de la scène improvisée australienne parti trop tôt.

« (...) July comes and we start the Buttercup Metal Polish tour in Japan. It’s hot and it’s really humid! Then, after a few days we fly into Melbourne where it’s raining and pretty freezing (in comparison); I remember having to buy a hat and a pair of gloves... It’s confusing. (...) The evenings are spent and actually very well spent. Eating, drinking and a lot of talking. (...) Fast forward some years and we see each other occasionally on gigs and festivals. In 2010 we even did a bunch of recordings in Geneva... I still have to go through those. 2011 you’re MC’ing at Jolt festival in Basel and there are more. In 2017 we just missed each other at LUFF because I had the flue. In 2019 I saw you with Pateras and Brown at the Wilisau festival. And then, one day in March 2020 Ant calls me and you’ve flown away. It’s like waking up again to something you know has existed and was for sure good.
Killer sink piss and noise my friend! »

  • Personnel :
    Alexandre Babel (batterie et percussions)
    Nicolas Field (batterie et percussions)
  • Enregistré à Gok Sound (Tokyo) par Yoshiaki Kondo (01.09.07
  • Mixé à Gok Sound (Tokyo) ar Ry-odi Yanagida (10.10.07)
  • Masterisé à Empreinte Digitale (Yverdon-les-Bains) par Blaise Favre (05.12.08)
  • Remerciements : Yoshiaki Kondo, Ryo-odi Yanagida, Luc Meier, Mike Kubeck, Morihide Sawada, Cal Lyall, Cave12, Marion, Sixto, Tony Cervoaz, Ibn al Rabin, Annalee Koernig and of course you Sean Baxter