In Between
Thomas Florin

Thomas Florin (piano and composition)
Released in September 2020

This album is a spontaneous and sincere musical manifestation based around improvisations, original compositions and improvisations. The groove is always present, lurking behind elements of minimalist and drone music, and Bill Evansian harmonic colours.

« (...) Here he is again, always alone, with his only piano (...) And here the pleasure is quite intense to hear this proposal, certainly much wiser than the previous one, but tinged with a diversion through parallel universes. On a par with these improvisers masters, but never quite returned from his more extreme previous experiences.What remains here of Florin's first trip is what he experimented with expressly: to make the instrument speak for itself, to make it resonate freely, to explore its timbres. » Jacques Mühlethaler

  • Personnel : Thomas Florin (piano and composition)
  • Recorded at COF, Fribourg in October 2019
  • Mix and Master at the KonnektSoundLab by Nicolas Field
  • Cover: Deyrmon, photo by Nathalie Fontana: "Zebra" piece from "Epure Texture", series by Luc Tiercy and Deyrmon, 2019


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